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The increasingly diversified and rapid development of online marketing requires the content or articles of product/service introduction to be more creative and at higher level of quality and closely follow the users’ psychology. In response to that urgent need, the content marketing was born. So what benefits does the content marketing deliver to enterprises?

Introduction to content marketing

We can define content marketing as a work of composing writing or articles in order to attract the customers who have the interest in a specific product or service. The copyrighter must have experience and deep knowledge to instruct the users in the product or service usage.

Content marketing differs from traditional ways of marketing which focus only on advertising or events without caring of what the users really need. That’s why so many marketing campaigns have failed.
content marketing

Process of a content marketing implementation:
• Step 1: Research: study the content and identify the target audience of the products or services and methods of implementation.
• Step 2: Create: start composing the content or create a draft.
• Step 3: Optimize: transform the manuscript into an official one.
• Step 4: Publish: start advertising step.
• Step 5: Promote: advertise on different marketing channels.
• Step 6: Measure: measure and evaluate the works. This state is very important to managing th whole process of content marketing.

A content marketing compaign is considered successful when the users read the articles and find the closeness and sincerity. Content marketing helps keep the image of a brand, maintain the existing customers and develop the new ones.

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