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You are selling products or services, and you want your customers to know your business or you are headache with a great deal of fake logos which are 90% the same. If you are experiencing the above issues, a branding identity system will help.

What is the branding identity?

With the fierce competition in all business fields, a product which has its own brand will bring the companies a certain number of customers. In addition to quality of products or services, a company also has many different ways to approach the customers such as: logo, slogan, packaging, website, company sign,…

hệ thống nhận diện thương hiệu HANEL

A branding identity is to highlight the products or services of a company, but it has to be easily understandable and familiar with the customers. A branding system will be considered successful one when the customers immediately recognize your business just by having a look at te logo. Up to date, branding systems appear everywhere in the consumers’ lives.

A branding identity is also to reflect the prestige of an enterprise, decide whether an enterprise will win or lose in the market and increase the image of a company in comparison with the others in the same industry. It’s worth being carefully and seriously invested and widely advertised in a long-term run.

A professional brand must reflect two elements: physical (quality, shape, model,…) and emotional (class, personality,…). A typical, beautiful, high class and understandable brand will ease the advertisement and pull the customers closer to a company.

Process of branding identity design:

  • Step 1: studying, analyzing branding strategy
  • Step 2: designing
  • Step 3: registering for brand protection
  • Step 4: applying into the company

Above are the basis of a branding identity system. Please, kindly contact us at 093 999 6465 (Mr. Tuan) for further advice on your branding identity.

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