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Bitrix24 is a management tool built and developed on the Bitrix Sitemanager platform. Bitrix24, with its tools for management of internal communication, tasklist and customers, is customizable and suitable for all types of businesses.

At present, Bitrix24 provides two versions: the self-hosted version (highly customizable, unlimited) and the cloud storage version (the customers can use for free or with charges for more features and functions.

bitrix24 công cụ quản lý doanh nghiệp

Featured functions of Bitrix24:

  • Provide an internal corporate social network with multi-way communication features such as: chat, video call, group chat.
  • Provide a flexible workflow management tool which can be applied into any businesses.
  • Provide a tool for online documents storage, deployment and share within an enterprise easily, securely and synchronously.
  • Provide 35 tools for automation of business online operation and management.
  • In particular, Bitrix24 is capable of being connected with office software to create detailed reports as required.
  • Easily accessible from multiple devices: PC, laptop, smartphone,…
  • User-friendly interface, easy to use, customizable to fit every company.

Does it fit your budget?

Bitrix24 has free package which is suitable for small business. This package will have a limit to several features such as: outside users invitation, exporting data to excel files,… And the charged package which offers more features to the users.

Particularly, Bitrix24 also offers Seft-hosted package with full of features and functions; sourcecode and user guide are also given so the owners can customize it to fit their companies. This Seft-Hosted package is suitable for big corporation and companies.

Above are some basic information about Bitrix24. For more information, please kindly contact the hotline: 093 999 6465 (Mr Tuan).

Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.